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Master Lock launches three new safety padlocks

Monday, May 14, 2012

Master Lock Europe has launched three new additions to its Safety Series padlock range, designed especially for Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) applications in both hazardous and general industrial areas. The new safety locks feature a 4.76mm diameter shackle for greatly improved versatility and ease of use.

Compared to Master Lock’s popular 6mm 410 safety padlock, the slimmer shackle allows the new S30 Series to be used with a much wider variety of breakers and switches, particularly where access is restricted.

The S32 model is constructed from non-conductive, non-magnetic and non-sparking materials ideally suited to environments where inflammable gasses or liquids are a hazard. The S32 is offered in a key-retaining format with 38mm shackle height.

The new S31 and S33 models feature a stainless steel shackle that is believed to be the most corrosion-resistant available from any manufacturer. 38mm and 76mm shackle heights are available. The tough Zenex™ composite body resists harsh environments, chemicals and solvents, and has a wide operating temperature range of -50ºC to +177ºC. The S31 version a key-retaining, while the S33 is non-key retaining.

All S30 series safety padlocks are compatible with Master Lock’s 410 keying system and are offered in Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA) and Master Keyed (MK) options.

S30 series safety padlocks can be personalised with laser engraving and personal ID labels. Available in nine different bright colours, the padlock bodies are UV stable and fade-resistent to ensure they remain clearly identifiable as safety devices. Optional TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) covers are available to protect shackle and key entries from weather weather and dirt ingress when used in extreme environments.

Source: Master Lock

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