New idea from Master Lock helps reduce risk of accident
Monday, May 14, 2012

Two new patent-pending products from Master Lock provide a quick and convenient method to help ensure worker safety during temporary machine shutdown. Master Lock’s Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Covers provide a clear visual deterrent and effectively prevent access to a start switch while equipment is adjusted or minor faults cleared.

The S2151/S2152AST removable push button and rotary switch cover consists of a self-adhesive base that can be easily fitted to most machinery and a removable clear plastic cover that can be locked into position using a LOTO safety padlock, such as the Master Lock Zenex Series. The S2152 Removable Push Button and Rotary Switch Cover fits both 30.5mm and 22.5mm diameter switches and accommodates buttons up to 50mm in diameter and 45mm tall.  The horseshoe shaped clear base and cover allows visibility and use with raised nameplates and off-center installation for the use of rotary switch knobs. 

The S2153 Installed Cover provides a similar function but uses the switch’s bezel to retain it in position permanently. To disable a machine, the operator merely closes and locks the cover using their personal safety padlock. The S2153 Installed version fits both 30.5mm and 22.5mm diameter switches and can accommodate buttons 40mm in diameter and 45mm tall.

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Source: Master Lock

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