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Ontario Power Generation and Westinghouse sign agreement to service global nuclear markets 18-04-2014
NNSA announces recipient of $25 million grant to improve technological capabilities for detecting nuclear proliferation 17-04-2014
B61-12 Life extension program undergoes first full-scale wind tunnel test 16-04-2014
Unit 1 at Susquehanna nuclear power plant begins scheduled refueling outage 15-04-2014
NNSA’s Nevada Field Office transfers two armored vehicles to FBI 14-04-2014
Unit 1 at Susquehanna nuclear power plant begins scheduled refueling outage 14-04-2014
MHI starts shipments of factory-made tanks for storing contaminated water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station 11-04-2014
Lieutenant General Frank G. Klotz, USAF (Ret), confirmed as energy department under secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator for the National 11-04-2014
Security Improvement Project completed ahead of schedule, $20 million under budget 08-04-2014
Converting waste heat into electricity announces the start-up Enogia and IFP Energies nouvelles join Forces to develop an innovative range of Mini Ele 04-04-2014
Osisko confirms Odyssey underground bulk tonnage target at Canadian Malartic 03-04-2014
CENG's five reactors officially join Exelon's nuclear fleet 03-04-2014
NNSA announces recipient of $25 million grant to improve nuclear arms control verification technology 02-04-2014
Hollysys Automation Technologies announces the successful operation of its proprietary distributed control system in Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant 02-04-2014
Bowtech Products Ltd shortlisted as “Employer of the Year” finalist in Grampian Awards for Business Excellence. 01-04-2014
CNA welcomes government support to enhance nuclear security worldwide 28-03-2014
Operators reconnect Unit 2 at Susquehanna nuclear power plant 27-03-2014
CNA Welcomes Government Support to Enhance Nuclear Security Worldwide 27-03-2014
Duke Energy Florida to sell unused nuclear fuel assemblies from retired Crystal River Nuclear Plant 27-03-2014
Joint statement of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administra 25-03-2014